The Derupt user experience guide.

Before you start using Derupt, be sure to review the Get Started documentation.

Users are prompted in App to Deploy & Activate their unique .derupt-profile contract before being able to create content or engage with others content. Note: Deployment and Activation is only required once per user.

How to update your profile

Updating your profile picture

Updating your profile banner

How to post your content (How to Chime)

Creating your first message (Your first Chime)

Adding Attachments

Whilst you are creating your content, you can optionally select/upload an Attachment. Requires: BNS Name and Write Access to Stacks GAIA Storage Provider. Supports: PNG, GIF, JPG, MP3, or MP4 Image/Thumbnail Dimensions: 1280 x 720 Pixels File Size: max 20mb per attachment (500mb per Bucket, provided by Hiro free hosting) About Storage: By default most BNS users use the free Stacks GAIA Storage Services that Hiro hosts for the benefit of the Stacks ecosystem. Options to increase storage capacity and or integrating other storage methods such as Inscriptions and IPFS are being actively explored.

How to engage with others content

Each message should have the following available actions for engagement.


As before, whilst you are creating your content, you also select a CityCoin to Mine for.

Additionally you are now also including your sentiment of either Liking or Disliking too.





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