Derupt Developers use Derupt Interface NFT's to configure their pay out details.

  1. Set your devPrincipal in the src\lib\constants.js to a preferred payout address.

  2. (re)Build your Derupt, with your devPrincipal set as needed.

  3. Navigate to the /settings page in your Derupt instance

  4. Click the "Activate Origin" button to get ready to mint your Derupt Interface NFT

  5. Set your preferred payout details, then click the "Mint" button.

Updates to payout details can be performed via clicking on "Update Interface"

Interface NFT Metadata can be altered via public\metadata.json

Interface NFT's are origin specific, thus you will likely want to Mint two of them. One from your Preproduction Origin and the other via your Production Origin.

You must use the transfer function(smart contract call) if you wish to change dev-principal, which is currently not facilitated in app, but is technically doable if needed.

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