⚙️Sentiment API Endpoint

A singular end point that takes a 'txid' and 'who' as arguments.

Get Sentiment of Message by Transaction ID.

Get the Sentiment of a Derupt Message

GET https://sentiment.derupt.io/sentiment?txid={txid}&who={principal}

Returns Sentiment of Derupt message, referenced by its Stacks Transaction txid

Path Parameters




Stacks Transaction txid of message



Derupt Authenticated User principal address

    "txid": "0xef066bc2c49526f400e6269e7b547700e0b2ecd8f859ae3715623baa71f2f151",
    "likes": 1,
    "dislikes": 1,
    "replies": 0,
    "who": "SP261NT1ZC1JFX0JGFGKZM8AC8Q703MK1SP0X3S0W",
    "liked": true,
    "disliked": true,
    "replied": false

Count Sums: Likes and Dislikes are on chain, however the running sum total is calculated overtime off chain and served via APIs.

Count Validation Considerations:

  • Verification of token transferred from Liker to Author is CryptoCash when Liking.

  • Verification of token transferred from Liker to Author are different Addresses.

  • Verification of token stacked from Disliker is CryptoCash when Disliking.

  • Verification of unique action per Message.(eg 1 Like & Dislike from 1 account address)

Want to learn how to setup your own Derupt Sentiment API Node? Check out the Sentiment API Setup Guide

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