Mainnet Addresses

Deployed by TBA

View Derupt (latest) Mainnet Contracts on Explorer:

  • .derupt-ext-trait

  • .derupt-interfaces

  • .derupt-core-trait

  • .derupt-feed

  • .derupt-gifts

  • .derupt-miners

  • .derupt-stackers

  • .derupt-sentiment

  • .derupt-core-yyyymmdd

  • .derupt-profile-trait

  • .derupt-profiles

  • .derupt-profile (deployed by user's)

    • example user A

    • example user B

  • .derupt-ext (deployed by dev's)

    • example ext A

    • example ext B

Users Deploy and Activate their .derupt-profile contract in app.

Developers Deploy .derupt-ext contract(s) and they are Enabled for use by Users in app.

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