Get Started

To get started with Derupt, you will need a few things.
What you Need:
  • Stacks Wallet
  • Tokens (STX & CityCoins)
  • BNS Name (.btc)
Note: Users Deploy and Activate their .derupt-profile contract as well. (done in app)
What do you need them for?
Stacks Wallet: Used for authentication. We recommend that you use Leather for desktop or Xverse for mobile. (BACK UP AND NEVER SHARE YOUR KEY SEED PHRASE)
STX & CityCoin Tokens: Used for sending Messages and or Actions.
BNS Name: Used to discover attachments/thumbnails & custom avatars/banners. We recommend that you get a Name from BTC.US
Deruptar NFT: Used for Profile a Check Marks. Owning 2 or more to have a Diamond.