What is Derupt?
Derupt is a suite of open source smart contracts deployed on the Stacks blockchain, designed to work with STX and CityCoins to empower content creators and content consumers. Derupt provides creators with a decentralized alternative to present and monetize their content. Creators can now leverage various decentralized and censorship-resistant methods of monetization that align perfectly with the sentiment of their content.
Derupt Key Features:
  • Sending Messages: You Mine CityCoins as you Chime your Content.
  • Liking Messages: You Transfer CityCoins to Authors as you Like their Content.
  • Disliking Messages: You Stack CityCoins as you Dislike another Authors Content.
  • Favorable Reply Messages: You Send a(Reply) Message as you Like their Content.
  • Unfavorable Reply Messages: You Send a(Reply) Message as you Dislike their Content.

Be the change:

New Users can use the Get Started guide:

Build the change:

Developers looking to integrate can use the Sentiment API Docs and or the Smart Contracts Docs:
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