What is Derupt?
Derupt is a suite of open source smart contracts deployed on the Stacks blockchain, designed to work with STX and CityCoins to empower content creators and content consumers, by aligning content monetization with content sentiment.
Derupt Core Features:
  • Sending Messages: You Mine CityCoins as you Post your Content.
  • Liking Messages: You Transfer CityCoins to Authors as you Like their Content.
  • Disliking Messages: You Stack CityCoins as you Dislike another users Content.
  • Favorable Reply Messages: You Send a(Reply) Message as you Like their Content.
  • Unfavorable Reply Messages: You Send a(Reply) Message as you Dislike their Content.
Problem: The proliferation of misleading and fraudulent content on social media platforms has increased the demand for innovative solutions. Solutions that ensure not only content authenticity and veracity but also have a provably unbiased order. Solution: Using Derupt smart contracts that are deployed on Stacks & secured by Bitcoin. These smart contracts provide a censorship resistant methodology for content aggregation and content monetization. Ultimately promoting greater decentralization and trustlessness, as well as creating an alignment between content sentiment & content monetization.

Be the change:

New Users can use the Get Started guide:

Build the change:

Developers looking to integrate can use the Sentiment API Docs and or the Smart Contracts Docs:
Docs are being actively updated by humans, and as such subject to errors and incompleteness of data. Please let us know if you find any unaddressed problems.
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